Thai Massage Enhancement: Level II

Inside the Book



Thai Massage Enhancement Level II

The book is the step by step hands on book of how to perform Thai massage as continuation from Foundation of Thai Massage: Level I.  The technique is he curriculum taught at Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai and Thai Massage School of Thailand or “TMC School” (officially closed in 2022).

The details in the book include contraindications and cautionary to Thai massage for safety practice.  Ancient drawing and Yogi Exercise are also included.

All 18 chapters contain; Foot Cleaning Process, Skull Massage, Neck Massage, Hip Massage, Leg Stretching, Arm Stretching, Shoulder Blade Stretching, Lower Lumbar Stretching, Hamstring Massage Face Down, Sitting Stool Back Stretching, Arm Warm Up, Abdominal Wave, Leg Warming, Knee Massage, Upper Leg Press, Body Twist, Hamstring Massage, Hamstring Press, Guidelines to good massage, Relationships of Sen Sib to diseases and bodily conditions, Yogi Exercise and Exercise for neck, back and knees.