Therapeutic Thai Massage: Level III

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Therapeutic Thai Massage: Level III

The book is the step by step hands on book of how to perform Thai massage as continuation from Foundation of Thai Massage: Level I and Level II.  The technique is he curriculum taught at Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai and Thai Massage School of Thailand or “TMC School” (officially closed in 2022).

The book includes how to perform therapeutic Thai massage to ease/relieve/combat common ailments in daily routine.  This book also gives a demonstration of how to make herbal ball and its application for therapeutic Thai massage.  The details in the book include contraindications and cautionary to Thai massage for safety practice.

All chapters contain; Introduction to Therapeutic Thai Massage, Knee pain, Self-massage for knee, Sprained ankle, Self-massage for hand and arms, Shoulder blade stiffness, Dizziness and Fatigue, Neck stiffness, Self-massage for headache and neck pain, Headache and neck pain, Prevention of menstruation cramps, Arm weakness, numbness and stiffness, Indigestion and abdominal gas pain, Constipation, Self-massage for leg pain, Leg pain, cramps or stiffness, Back massage using wooden hills, Back pain and lower back pain, Massage for a sick person, an old person and a child, The making of fresh herbal balls and application and The application of herbal ball in Therapeutic Thai Massage.


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