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Ancient Thai Massage Healing with Life Force Revised Third Edition
is the compilation of ten years in search of knowledge from all sources of ancient teachings and integrating them with modern application to achieve the healing benefits with the life force. The book presents the history and background of Thai people and Thailand to bring the readers as well as the learners to better understanding of the art of Thai massage.

The authors correlate the usage of Thai massage to the body system in term of anatomy and physiology with emphasis on contraindications and cautionary sites making the application of the knowledge learned from the book safe and effective. The book contains 352 pages with 749 photos, figures and tables in four colors. The sixteen chapters are packed with information that lead to how the ancient Thai massage can be applied with safe, polite and effective manner. The professionally well-organized practice section in chapter 17 of the book illustrates the beauty of Thai massage in healing with life force which is possible with our two hands and the heart.

Wellness of the body and peaceful mind and spirit is within reach when we understand the elements of our body and how we can respond to the voice inside our life force.



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